Friday, December 5, 2008

scary bat costume

scary bat costume, originally uploaded by littlegirlPearl.

You know, they say the most unexpected things! In preparation for our daughter's first "real" halloween, (we went last year, but in a borrowed costume, so it doesn't really count), I asked her about 4 weeks beforehand what she would like to be. I wasn't even really sure she knew what halloween was, let alone what she'd like to dress up as.

So, I asked her on three separate occasions about her costume, and her answer each time was the same, "a scary bat". What?? Really? Not, cinderella or ariel? Her obsession with these movies is huge, you see. Nope, nothing doin'. A scary bat.

Not one to buy costumes anyway, I thought for sure this would be a whole lot easier than a disney princess. So, off to the fabric store. Black fabric, a novelty fabric on the outside with spider webs and purple sparkles ("it's so beautiful" she says as I'm cutting it out). Boning to make the points stand out, and voila, a scary bat costume.

She was so proud! And yes, all her friends were princesses, so I was proud too. The only thing I would've changed is to put some reflective material somewhere, because you could barely see her running on the sidewalk. She got (and ate!) piles of candy, and we had tons of fun. I wonder what she'll dream up next year...

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