Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Studio

My Studio, originally uploaded by littlegirlPearl.

As promised to someone, although I can't remember who at this point, about as much of my studio as I am willing to reveal. These rolling units were purchased from our local middle school as they were preparing to move to new digs near the high school. We got them for a song, but more than a little bit of elbow grease to get them into the truck bed and then into our house. They weigh a ton! But, they are amazing. They are about 3 feet deep, so I can put a ton of fabric in each one, and coordinate by color. Such an improvement for me, as nothing gets lost in the shuffle. I can see exactly what I have, and what I might need to order more of, although with my propensity to over-order, this hasn't been an issue.

I put all of the pre-washed fabrics in the cubbies, and leave the bolts on top and wash as needed. I store all of my ribbons and trims in a high boy around the corner. This has been a god-send as everything used to be all jumbled up in a box. My buttons are all organized in an old block printing drawer (you know the letter stamps they used to use to print newspapers) and each is divided by style. The whole drawer sits on top of the high boy, and I can see each button at a glance. I am by nature a disorganized person, but I found that I was wasting more time looking for things than I was sewing! Being organized in my workspace has made me a whole lot more efficient. Now if I could just tackle my sewing table!

I promise more pictures once that happens, but right now it isn't fit for publication!

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