Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween '09

My child, my child.

She is truly something.

Why you ask?? Last year, a scary bat. This year a blue coyote.

Coyote? A blue coyote?? Honestly, I don't know where she gets this stuff from.

I was a pretty normal trick or treater. I got hand me down costumes for the most part. One I distinctly remember was an ice skater where I actually wore my skates and guards. Walking around in ice skates was challenging after awhile. I was a squaw, a princess, a witch.

My daughter?? A blue coyote.

Actually, I love her originality. No one else is gonna be a blue coyote for sure. There will be 50 Cinderella's walking around but only one blue coyote.

For all other kids out there that want to be a blue coyote, I used McCall's 5956. It's pretty generous as you can tell. Blue fleece from JoAnn's, Kaffe Fassett Sludge paperweight for the ears.

Maybe next year we can use it again, and just change out the hood. She's already talking about being a blue hippopotamus. Hmmm.

From New Hampshire,


Jeannine said...

I wish my children were that original. How cute she looks.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's going to ask her if she's a Wild Thing...

Melissa said...

You're motivating me to take pictures of my kids. 6 hours with the most horrible fake fur imaginable (which actually scratched my cornea!) and 1 yard of hand-fringed felt sewn in 2 inch overlapping strips and we have a Wild Thing and Max... but nothing as smart as a Blue Coyote. Hope she has a lovely time

RheLynn said...

awwwwwww :)