Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Woods

Today I just needed a break. I finished up an order this morning, and instead of sewing until pick-up time, I just had to get the dog out for a hike on a glorious late summer day.

I'm inspired by lots of different things. The covers of vintage children's patterns, other seamstresses, and the actual fabrics themselves. But nothing quite gets my juices flowing like a walk in the woods.

There must be something about repetitive motion that frees the brain for creativity. It happens to me when I am knitting too. Your hands or feet get so involved in the activity that your mind gets to rove. Today I was looking at the rocks on the ground and thinking about how a customer of mine was wondering about using the color gray. I don't happen to have anything in gray, but I started thinking about gray flannel and how an interesting combination might be to add a little tartan plaid.

But then I decided that rather than use gray which I don't have, I should use what I already have, which happens to be a cream flannel. I designed the entire thing in my head as I looked at the leaves just starting to turn.

So, my question to you is this: in what unexpected ways are you inspired? Tell me about them and maybe I'll try them out myself.

Now, where is that cream flannel?

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Melissa said...

In one of my past lives, I was a writer. I have an MFA, and have spent many moons of my life writing poems. Since I started designing/drafting, I've found that the rhythm and feeling of designing is so similar to writing-- I have an impression of the general shape of the garment (like the inspiration for the poems) that usually comes from the fabric itself... then the tinkering and playing begins. I have to do it with my hands-- on paper is never as effective. Now if only I would learn to use junk fabric before I start playing-- I've wasted so many yards of the good stuff. Still waiting with bated breath on your news (and pics of the new design, too!)