Saturday, August 29, 2009

Etsuko Furuya, will you design exclusively for me??

birds and berries outfit, originally uploaded by littlegirlPearl.

Only half joking there with my title. If I could afford to hire this woman, I would do it. And she doesn't even have to learn English because I speak some Japanese.

I'm in awe, I'm in love, I'm in lust with her designs. This is only the most recent fabric I've acquired of hers. There have been others that I wish I could get my hands on again. Most specifically this one.

It's the first fabric I encountered of hers and I was smitten from the start. There's just something about its funky vibe, retro feel, and color choices that I find irresistible. And judging by how many of these dresses I made, you all felt the same way.

The stripe that went along with that collection was amazing too. My daughter still uses the jumper as a top with a pair of jeans. The colors were so beautiful.

I loved the whole ladybug series, and all the colorways of the bird fabric. Unbelieveable.

Next to come was the vespa overalls which I think are great for boys.

My most recent obsession is this gorgeous double gauze fabric that has the most amazing hand.

I love the softness of the fabric coupled with those gorgeous colors. I've already tried three different patterns with this fabric, but am happiest with the little tunic design from Farbenmix, and the peasant dress with empire styling. Both have just the right amount of gathering, but not too much that you can't see the pattern. Perfection. And it fits the P.'s desire for as much blue clothing as possible. Oh, and she informed me that she likes purple too!

From Nashville,


Nancey said...

Do you have an outfit you designed using the vespas for a boy? Would love to see one, as I haven't really come across any. I agree with you fully on her designs.

icicle said...

My only splurge on someone else's sewing was a diaper clutch in that red bird print -- I definitely plan on recycling it now that it's no longer needed.
Didn't she just come out with (at least in the US) with a laminated cotton? I'd love to find some of that!

P.S. My -- how P. has grown!! It's a nice perk having lots of photos of our girls just because we make them things.:)

littlegirlpearl said...

Hi Nancey, I edited my post to include pics of the vespa overall. I still have this fabric, and think I might try out a pair of boy pants too.

Melissa said...

I LOVE this stuff. Wish I could see it up close and in the flesh.

Go have breakfast at the Pancake Pantry if you have time... there might be a line, but the Sweet Potato Pancakes are the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!

littlegirlpearl said...

Hey Melissa,
I'd had a 12 hour day, and we left pretty early in the morning. Next time though :D Thanks for the tip, I'm always looking for great local places to eat.

life in yonder said...

Love the two top dresses, so simple and yet som colourful and original. Another cool pattern.