Sunday, June 14, 2009

Robin's Egg Blue

As soon as you read my title, you had an image of the color in your mind, didn't you. That gorgeous color that isn't quite blue, isn't quite green. I suppose I had seen an actual robin's egg somewhere along the line, but in my mind's eye, it wasn't quite so vivid.

I had planned to get a load of mulch in our truck at some point in the next couple weeks, because I have been doing WAY too much weeding. After building our house 3 years ago, we finally had the time to put in some gardens and a lawn this year. The gardens are taking off, but need a load of mulch, and it's just the job for our old rusty truck. But there's one problem...

A momma robin has decided that the wheel well is the perfect place for her nest. My husband first noticed it this afternoon, while doing some projects outside. My daughter and I came running, and couldn't believe that this little bird would find a truck tire to be a hospitable place, but I suppose there's no accounting for reason and logic. We decided to see if there were any eggs in there, and when we pulled it out, lo and behold, three perfectly beautiful eggs.

What to do...

We need our truck, but we love the birds. I decided to do a little research this afternoon. Could we move the nest? Apparently not. When the robins are building the nest, they memorize every aspect of it; not only its location, but also the materials and the placement of them. Not unlike us! So, we've decided they can stay, and I'll be doing a lot more weeding this summer.

And we promise we won't disturb those little eggs again, even just to look at the color...tweet tweet.

Coming to you from my home in New Hampshire, ~Melissa


Melissa said...

Wow-- amazing! Your little one is going to have such fun watching the babies-- and isn't weeding supposed to be good exercise?!

icicle said...

Oh dear, what's girl to do?? Funny how they would think that to be a safe place. It's thoughtful of you to leave them there. Good Karma never hurts.