Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Didn't Rain on our Parade...

Or at least not on our Arts Market, and if you live in New England, you know this was a bit of a miracle. I did another show last Saturday, and had a wonderful time as usual. I only tweaked my display a little, but here is a picture anyway...

I had a wonderful spot right up front in the center aisle, so it was easy for folks to move around.

I have to talk up a couple of local NH sellers that do amazing work. First, my fellow Etsy seller, Erica Walker; I love her silver jewelry. She has some beautiful earrings that totally appeal to me because they are so versatile. And you must check out her new Mod Ring design. Too cool for the tragically hip.

The second is Becky Oh! Handbags. I first stumbled across Becky from Trunkt shortly after I was accepted. Her aesthetic is so similar to mine, and we could’ve talked fabric all afternoon had we not had to man our booths. I ended up buying my own Becky Oh! Handbag, and I couldn’t be more pleased. She makes her own patterns, and her color choices are sublime. The workmanship is topnotch, and I can’t wait to bring my own little purse out on a layover. Thanks Becky!

The last New Hampshire gal that I want to mention is Patty from L&B Accessories. If you want a beautifully made wallet (or handbag for that matter), Patty is your girl. Her stitching is perfect (trust me, I looked on my own wallet), and she is now doing her own embroidery designs, so they are unique. We miss Patty at the Market, but she has been busy in her Etsy shop, so that’s a good thing!

In other craft show notes, I was just accepted to the SOWA Market in Boston, and couldn't be more excited. I have no idea which Sundays I might go just yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Sad news, it appears as though a bear or raccoon has disturbed our poor mother Robin's nest, and the eggs are gone. I'm happy to have my truck back, but sad that we couldn't hear those little baby birds waiting for their mother to return with some food. I'm hoping she has enough time to make a new nest in a safer spot, and lay a new clutch of eggs. We haven't broken the news to our daughter, but she has been pretty good about these sorts of things in the past. We do live in the woods after all, and these things happen.

Written from our mosquito infested patch of forest in New Hampshire,


LB Accessories said...

I love your setup for the show Melissa! It looks fabulous! Love the Becky oh! Bags that you featured, they are gorgeous! The ring is lovely, I really need to checkout her shop!
Thanks so much for mentioning me in your post, I am finally getting some things made and listed on Etsy, but I haven't signed up for any shows and I know i am slacking! I hope your show went well, maybe they'll have some space available for me in the fall? I hope all is well!

Melissa said...

So why is there not a closeup of the rounder-- you do know I'm trying to blow it up and staring at the screen looking at that orange dress in the front, right? So, so pretty.

Thanks for the head's up on the wallet/bags/jewelry, too-- that is some beautiful stuff.

littlegirlpearl said...

Melissa-I love that one too, and it sold! It was a pretty combination of velvet corduroy, Garden Party from Anna Maria, and a Kaffe print in orange.

Die Schaubude said... cute ;) i love your blog
many greetings

Marie' said...

Everything you create is just beautiful. I feel so inspired.