Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sofia Masri

Alas, the life of a flight attendant. I was supposed to be home tonight, but due to weather in Boston, I am here in Detroit. But don't cry for me because I'm staying in the BEST hotel in the system. Serene and restful decor (read: no burgundy or hunter green in sight), crisp white linens, and a marble bathroom. Still, I'd rather be home...

So last week I was in Madison, and checking out that lovely shop Anthology and they have a number of etsy sellers there. The one that caught my eye was Sofia Masri. I have always admired her style when I've seen her porcelain earrings and pendants on the front page, but sometimes it seemed the pictures were too good to be true.

I'm here to tell you that they aren't. Her porcelain pieces are more beautiful in person than they are on the web. I really admired a small yellow pendant in the shop that was similar to these earrings. One of these days I'll be ordering myself a beautiful pendant, the only problem being trying to winnow it down amongst all the gorgeous colors!


Melissa said...

I checked it out-- I kept saying "this one, I have to have this one!" "no, that one!" Beautiful stuff-- I love those colors-- just the right amount of saturation.

Laura said...

Glad you enjoyed our little shop. Thanks for the shout-out. Your little girl clothes are adorable!