Monday, March 9, 2009

Custom Creations

I've been thinking a lot about custom orders, because I've been getting a lot of them lately! Let me just say that I love working on them because they usually present some kind of challenge. Most of the time this involves a change of trim or button. One of the things I love the most about designing clothes is putting it all together. With a custom order, my customer has been inspired by something they have seen, and then they inspire me with their desires!

A dress that seems to have provoked its fair share of orders is this one, my new green pinafore wrap dress:

I love everything about this dress, the style, the colors, the trim. I've had that green floral for some time, but couldn't bring myself to cut into it. That's how much of a fabric disease I have! I think what people respond to are the bright springy colors, and of course that great loopy trim.

So the dress inspired not only the pink dress pictured above, but it will hopefully also be a part of my signature asymmetric jumper, on the reverse from the aqua side. I think it will be smashing.

Here are some other custom dresses I've done:

Such fun. What I love about custom orders is that it is usually something different. I love variety, and enjoy the diversion from my styles. Plus it almost always inspires me to think about what else I can do with any given fabric. If I get the chance to do that new green asymmetric, I'll be sure to post a picture!

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Melissa said...

LOVE! I follow your shop on Etsy-- it's one of my daily stops. Why do I have only boys....