Sunday, November 30, 2008

trad rad skirt

trad rad skirt, originally uploaded by littlegirlPearl.

This is the name my husband dubbed my little drop waist skirt when he saw it today. Traditional because of the classic school girl wool, and rad because I can't leave well enough alone, and added red polka dots! I've been messing about in my work room deciding on what to do for cold weather. Not always easy when I am amongst a sea of cottons. So, after looking at the forlorn wool pieces at the bottom of my cubbies, I decided to let them see the light. This is a one of a kind skirt for little girls. The wool used is from the Dorr Mill Store in Newport, NH. A fabulous source for 100% wool fabric. This is my second attempt at my own drop waist pattern, and I really like the two layers on the skirt. I also added some vintage trim to the seam, and threaded this unbelievable yellow green ribbon for the pop of color I wanted. It can be removed, but why would you want to!

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