Friday, May 8, 2009

Fabric Inspiration

I wish I had had enough time to put together the combinations I have planned in my mind with these fabrics. But let's just say it's been a heck of a week.

I got home from my trip at 2am Tuesday. My daughter decided it was a good idea to wake up at 6:45am, something she never does. I tried to shake out the cobwebs all morning, but neglected to remember that I had brought my sewing machine down to be tuned up the previous Thursday. I didn't even venture into my studio for fear of screwing something up. So we decided to spend the day outside, doing a little physical labor stacking wood. I was ready for a day of sewing on Wednesday.

I went to my studio first thing in the morning to discover that indeed my sewing machine didn't sprout wings and it was a good 40 minute drive to go pick it up. It was still early and I decided I could still salvage a bit of sewing time if I scooted down and back. Yes, you guessed it, it wasn't meant to be. A flat rear tire greeted me at my car! After changing the tire, going to the mechanic, receiving the bad news that it couldn't be saved and I would need 4 new tires (!), I decided to stay at home until I had to pick up my child at pre-school and cut, cut, cut. At least I have 5 dresses cut out and waiting for me when I get home again.

After picking it up Wednesday afternoon, I sat down to get busy early Thursday morning. And IT DIDN'T WORK! It's a conspiracy. So, back down to the repairman. Share your sewing machine tales of woe, it will make me feel a lot better...

So these are the fabrics I picked up last week at G Street. The silk chiffon is going to become a skirt for me! And the green bird fabric from Etsuko Furuya is a total favorite. I picked it up in Portland on the same trip. You should have seen me schlepping about 10 yards of fabric around for 3 days! It wasn't pretty. The orange nubby cotton is very sheer and will be used for accents. The pink herringbone is heavier, and will most likely become a yoke, and the purple cotton/poly blend will be the basis for some fun skirts.

That's right, I'm already thinking about fabrics for fall! It's really hard when the warm weather is just around the corner, but if I don't plan now, I'll be scrambling in July. When I decide on combos, I'll give you all a sneak peek.

The other thing I've been thinking about lately is the CPSIA labeling requirements that will become effective in August. So, more about that soon. Happy Sewing!!


Johanna said...

Oooh, so sorry to hear about your sewing machine woes! I just dropped off mine today to get tuned before going out of town next week.

How often do you get yours done? The guy thought I was nuts bringing mine in, until I told him how much I use it! I'll be calling for the estimate tomorrow, we'll see what he thinks after getting inside of it.

littlegirlpearl said...

Well, the guy tells me to bring it in every 8-10 months, but I think it's been closer to a year. When I'm home I use it between 3-7 hours a day!! Yes, I should probably think about going industrial, lol!

Heather said...

Oh, I'm so glad to have found your blog! I love your work on Etsy.

My husband spontaneously bought my a Bernina Artista 640 for my birthday last fall. I neglected using it for six months and when I finally sat down at the machine this past month I had nothing but trouble! Tension problems, feed dog problems, you name it. It's now been repaired and is working beautifully but I wasn't a happy camper for a few weeks there.